Agate / Geode Feature Wall
Agate / Geode Wall Detail
Custom Large Scale Design on Shimmering Plaster
Shimmering Plaster Design Detail
Gray Ostrich Texture Powder Room (view 1)
Gray Ostrich Skin Texture (view 2)
Castaway Blue Textured Plaster Ombré Walls
Faux Contemporary Concrete Feature Wall
Contemporary Feature Wall Detail
Travertine Crema - Neutral Linear Textured Plaster
Sea Salt Metallic Plaster with glitter twig design
Faux Metallic Shagreen (Stingray Skin)
Metallic Shagreen (Stingray Skin) Detail
Pearl Plaster Agate
Pearl Plaster Agate
Painted Contemporary Pattern Walls
Vertical Metallic Plaster
Broken Damask Textured plaster
Travertine Crema Textured Feature Wall
Sandy Plaster with Pearl Highlights
Razzle - Glittery Mica over Eggplant
Metallic Gold, Blue/Green Texture
Velvet Plaster Stencil over Metallic Strie
Ashland Slate - Teal, Gray, Tan Linear Textured Plaster
Faux Ostrich Skin
LusterStone Metallic Plaster
Contemporary Textured Plaster
Romantic Ruins Plaster with Embedded Mermaid Scales
Romantic Ruins with Embedded Mermaid Scales
Metallic linear Textured Plaster
Textured Plaster Over Gold Foil
Textured Plaster over Gold Foil
Textured Plaster Over Silver Foil
Faux Metal Tiles & Textured Plaster
Faux Barnwood Planks
Modern Industrial Plaster Finish
Modern industrial (detail)
Faux Barn Wood Feature Wall
Silver Diamond (texture, glitter)
Silver Diamond (detail)
Glazed Walls Stencied Ceiling Moldings
Linear Contemporary Lime Plaster
Glitter Twigs Design over metallic blue
Glitter Twigs Design Stencil Detail
Gold Glitter Twigs Stencil
Gold Glitter Twigs (detail)
Quilted Harlequin
Painted Quilted Harlequin Walls
Zebra Feature Wall with Croc metallic surrounding walls
Two Color LusterStone Walls
Metallic Warm Silver Linen Texture
Faux Ostrich Skin
Rusty Glazed Walls with metallic rust ceiling
Metallic with Glass Beads Strie
Metallic Champagne with Multi-color Damask
Urban Plaster Grunge Wall
Metallic Copper Stencil w/ crystals
Metallic Copper Stencil (detail)
Outer Space Kids Room
Glazed Metallic Champagne
Metallic Bronze Plaster
Aspen Bark Finish
Broken Damask Textured Plaster
Metallic Champagne with Glass Beads
Polished Plaster Agate
Polished Plaster Agate (detail)
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